We Have Changed The Way We Deliver Care

Over the past few months we have changed the way that we deliver care to our patients. We have remained open and available to patients during the pandemic and have continued to offer services according to clinical and social need.

We want to start off by saying thank you for adapting so quickly to these new ways of working – it has been the fundamental change needed to keep you and our staff safe while ensuring you get the care you need.

This is why we ask you to continue what you have been doing to access your GP services and we encourage patients to get in touch for any health concerns that cannot be dealt with by the individual, their family or friends or the local pharmacy.

You can speak to a member of our team over via online consultations, the phone, email or have a video consultation. This should support you to see the right person to help you, much quicker. Patients are able to manage and order their repeat medication via Patient Access or the NHS App.

We have been advised by NHSE to continue to triage all patients prior to any face to face appointments taking place and to ensure the appropriate care provision is made available to meet your needs. Face to face appointments continue to be available to those where it is clinically or socially necessary and a clinician will make this decision with you as part of the triage process.

This means:

  • you will get seen promptly and in the most appropriate setting
  • you are reducing your risk of catching/spreading coronavirus by avoiding a waiting room
  • you are helping to keep staff healthy and safe
  • The practice is able to maintain a clean environment and protect you from the virus

We ask you to please not visit the GP practice without speaking with the practice first.

Please also remember that if you are offered an appointment then it might be to a different practice where you may see a doctor or nurse you are not familiar with. While we realise this could be inconvenient, we think it is important to keep people safe, reduce the spread of coronavirus and get the maximum benefit from the healthcare resources which will be available.

We apologise if you have been unable to access your usual surgery but we have had to take measures to ensure the continued safety of patients, staff and the services we provide. We are constantly reviewing accessibility to the surgeries whilst maintaining a safe environment.

It is important that all our patients are aware that you should not attend the practice if you have coronavirus symptoms as this risks passing the virus onto others. You need to self-isolate and can seek help from 111.nhs.uk or your practice.