We will shortly be inviting a random sample of our patients aged 70 and over to participate in the SAFER Study. This study looks to see if Screening for Atrial Fibrilation with an ECG leads to a reduction in patients suffering from a stroke. More information about this research can be found on the study website –

You may receive a letter over the next few days inviting you to participate. We would just like to make you aware of the following:

  • The invite has been sent to you by Drayton Medical Practice. Your details have not been passed to the study team or any third party
  • The study team will only obtain your details if and when you contact them
  • You do not have to take part in this study, and participation in the study will not affect the care you receive from the practice
  • If you consent to take part in the study you are able to withdraw at any time
  • If you have any further queries about this study you should use the contact details sent to you in the mailshot.