Exciting news for Drayton Medical Practice

*Image of scope is not an actual scope

Over the next couple of months we are taking part in a pilot for video consultations.

A Healthcare Professional will use a scope as part of an examination where live images can be sent back to a GP. The scope can be used to send images of throats, ears, skin, wounds and listen to chest or heart.

The live video can also be used to have a conversation between the patient, GP & Healthcare Professional – you can see and hear each other without being in the same room or building. The Doctor can direct the Healthcare Professional to enable them to listen to your heart or chest, look into your ears, throat or examine wounds or skin rashes.

We are currently trialling the pilot at Drayton surgery with a GP in a separate consulting room to the Healthcare Professional and the patient. Depending on the success of the pilot hope to be able to use this technology for our house bound patients.

We look forward to sharing how well this trial goes and how we might use video consultations in the future.