Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat medication can be ordered:

  • online
  • by returning the right hand side of the script to the practice
  • by asking your regular pharmacy to manage your prescriptions on your behalf

If you have any difficulty with this please let us know and we will discuss the various options with you.

Those patients on regular medication are allowed a certain number of repeats of this medication without seeing the Doctor or Nurse. The number of repeats is decided on by the Doctor or Nurse, who will want to review your progress from time to time.

One month’s supply of drugs will normally be supplied on each occasion. Repeat prescription requests will be dealt with within two working days of receipt either by handing in your repeat slip or by using our Online Services. For non-dispensing patients, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you would like your prescription mailed to you. If you wish to collect your prescription from the local Chemist please indicate this to the dispenser who will record this on your computer record.

Dispensing Medicines

Patients who live within one mile of a Dispensing Chemist are obliged to have their prescriptions dispensed by the Pharmacist. Other patients may have their medicines dispensed at the surgery. We can advise you if you are in any doubt as to your rights. These are Government regulations and unfortunately we have no discretion in the matter.

Prescriptions charges are set at the current rate by the Government and should be paid as your drugs are collected. We are obliged to ask for proof of exemption to charges and you will be asked to sign the back of the prescription indicating your entitlement to free medicines.

Electronic Prescription Service

Prescriptions can now be sent directly to your pharmacy of choice using EPS2.

If you pickup your medication from the dispensary at the St Faiths surgery you will continue to collect them from there.

For all other patients – i.e. those patients who pick up their medication from a pharmacy, can choose to nominate a pharmacy and if you do so your prescription will be sent electronically to them. This will mean you no longer need to come to the surgery to pick up your repeat prescription. If a GP issues medication whilst in a consultation this will also be sent straight to the pharmacy and you won’t be issued with the paper prescription.

If a pharmacy currently manages your prescriptions on your behalf then they will have already set your nomination. You can nominate a pharmacy either at the surgery or at the pharmacy you wish to collect your medication from.

You can choose not to nominate and if this is the case you will continue to receive your prescription printed on the green prescription paper.

Prescription Fees

View the cost of prescriptions on the NHS website.

You can also find out if you are entitled to free prescriptions.