Practice Team

Management Team

  • Wayne Bolt – Practice Manager
  • Lynda Sowter – Dispensary Manager
  • Donna Bracey – Clinical Manager

The management team is responsible for the day to day administration of the Practice, and if you have any non medical problems, useful suggestions or concerns, they will be happy to talk to you on the phone or to see you.

Patient Services

The Receptionists’ job is primarily to arrange the consultations of the patients with the Doctors and Nurses in as efficient a manner as possible. The receptionists will answer the telephone and also handle any personal enquiries at the reception.

  • Bobbie Pye
  • Carol Acheson
  • Hannah Jones
  • Sharon Chapman
  • Carla Hipperson
  • Kelly Smith
  • Sam Brewer
  • Rianna Martin
  • Kate Bailey
  • Amy Watts
  • Rob Groom
  • Chloe Gilmurray
  • Ann-Marie Leathers
  • Melanie Buckingham
  • Lilli Dack
  • Katy Miles

Administrative Staff

We have a team of administrative and IT staff that are seldom seen by our patients. They are a very important part of our staff team and help to keep the surgery running smoothly. You may have contact with one of this team if you have a query about a referral to a hospital consultant or you have a condition such as Diabetes or Asthma.

  • Rebecca Moore – Compliance and Complaints Administrator
  • Carol Burton – Referral Administrator
  • Lara Gooch – Referral Administrator
  • Kay Armstrong – Patient Data Administrator
  • Sarah Steeples – Patient Data Administrator
  • Alison Taylor – Clinical Administrator
  • Gabby Sexton – Recall Administrator
  • Sarah Buchanan – Referral Administrator
  • Lindsay Rose – Management Assistant
  • Jenny Davis – Document Processing
  • Georgia Shaw – Apprentice Administrator
  • Eloise Kay – Document Processing
  • Charlotte Roper – Apprentice Administrator
  • Vicky Pye – Care Co-ordinator
  • Ami Reynolds – Private work Coordinator