Extended Hours

We offer pre-booked only appointments during the following times:

  • Monday morning from 07:30
  • Saturday morning from 08:00

We also have some GP telephone consultations available from 18:30 – 19:00, Monday to Friday.

The surgery will only provide limited services such as pre-booked appointments rather than offering the full range of services available during its “normal” opening hours.

The extended opening hours surgeries are intended for patients who are not in a position to attend during the practice’s normal 08:30 – 17:30 Monday to Friday surgeries.

They are solely and exclusively for pre-booked appointments

Who will you see?

There will be a limited number of Doctors and Nurses conducting Extended Hours surgery and no additional clinicians on site.

Extended opening hours surgeries will have a limited number of clinicians on a rota basis, meaning that there may be only one doctor and one Nurse seeing patients each week.

This means that your own doctor might only be in a position to offer extended opening hours appointments once every few weeks.

Same Day Problems

Normal weekend or night-time out of hours arrangements will apply for acute or same day problems.

The surgery will not be open to deal with acute or same day problems such as sudden illnesses, exacerbations of existing problems or accidents during its extended opening hours. The telephones will not be open to request appointments or make enquiries.

Patients will still have to contact the Out of Hours service for immediately necessary medical advice and treatment.