About Us

The Drayton Medical Practice is a dispensing, urban/rural medical practice situated to the north of the city of Norwich. The practice area includes the residential suburbs of Norwich and extends into the outlying villages. To cover this area, there are three fully equipped surgeries: Drayton, Horsford and Horsham St Faith. Eight doctors and a full compliment of the primary care team provide care for approximately 18,200 patients registered with the practice.

Doctors and Nurses

The doctors and the nurses at the practices work at all three sites throughout the week and while we try to provide appointments at all of our sites, you may be required to travel to one of our surgeries if you wish to see your regular doctor.

Training Practice

The Drayton Medical Practice has been involved in the training of general practitioners since the inception of the GP training scheme in the 1970s. The practice has become involved in medical research as an MRC designated research practice as well as hosting externally funded research into epilepsy, gastroenterology and asthma.